4hearts Vineyard

The 4hearts Vineyard is just a short ways down Willow Creek Road from our estate. It is a wonderful, old school, dry farmed vineyard, planted low density and head trained, naturally without wires or irrigation. On this extremely steep hillside vineyard we have three blocks of fruit. Petite Sirah from the very highest point of the vineyard, then below and nearby on a South slope we have Zinfandel, and, *gasp, some Cabernet Sauvignon. Since these blocks are all dry farmed the fruit is very intense, so we prefer to let the cuvee age for 30+ months in a mix of French and, *second gasp, American oak. With this kiss of American oak and a Petite Sirah dominant blend we are tipping our proverbial hat to the classic California style, unabashed, proud of its uniqueness in this world of wine.

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