Subscription Invitation

If you would like to bypass the requirement to log in and purchase wines online during the offering periods we would like to invite you to join our subscription list. By joining this list, you will automatically receive seasonal shipments of Saxum wine. There is no obligation to join. We are simply offering an extra accommodation to members who would like us to place orders for them based on their allocation preferences.

With consideration for our production limitations and your preferences, you will receive at least 12 bottles per allocation (twice a year). If you choose to join, please provide us with your allocation preferences in the Notes field of the registration form. We would like to know if you have a desired bottle quantity per wine and if you are interested in purchasing magnums.

At this time, our wines are $98 for 750 ml bottles, and range from $196 to $298 for 1.5 L bottles. Shipping is complimentary (up to one shipping address per member). Taxes may apply based on the shipping address. By joining this list and providing your credit card information, you authorize Saxum Vineyards to charge your credit card for seasonal wine shipments. A few weeks before payment is processed we will send you an email providing shipment details and an opportunity to request changes. When payment is processed during our seasonal releases you will receive an order confirmation via email. Wines will ship when temperatures permit, normally in late Fall and early Spring. Members can cancel subscriptions at anytime.


To proceed, simply fill out the form below orĀ contact us if you would like to discuss this option further.